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Solar Geysers

12V DC Solar Circulation Pump

An Overview of the Operation of a Solar Geyser Retrofit or Split Pump System
The most energy intensive appliance in the home is the hot water cylinder or geyser. It is also the most expensive to run.
The good news is that solar water heaters can replace up to 100% of the electricity used to heat water (30% of the total electricity cost) in a normal household. Solar water heating should be considered as one of the first steps in energy and cost savings and providing a better return on investment than other renewable energy saving or generating technology in the South African environment. Read more

Solar Water Heating System 1902

What are Phermosiphon Solar Geysers?
Solar water heating systems is not a new concept. It has been in use for more than a century. This ad was placed in 1902 and was for a phermosiphon water heating system.

Let’s first have some fun and look at what happens with cold and warm water. This video demonstrates how hot water rises and cold water sinks. Read more

Flat Plate Solar Collector Partial Shading

Why is Solar Geysers Overheating?
Let us look at the facts.
Solar Geyser System temperatures can reach dangerously high temperatures – close to or even boiling point (70 to 98°C). If sufficient hot water is not used during hot sunny days, the temperature of the solar water heating system (and geyser) will just keep on rising because no cold water is entering the system to bring the temperature down. Read more

GAP 100L Thermosiphon Solar Geyser

Helderberg Solar Energy is proud to showcase our first Solar Water Heater system installations.

A little 100L GAP Thermosiphon system was our first full Solar Geyser system installation.

The flat roof stand was custom made by Helderberg Solar Energy. A humble beginning but one we are proud of. Read more