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Helderberg Solar Energy – A Humble Beginning

Helderberg Solar Energy is proud to showcase our first Solar Water Heater system installations.

GAP 100L Thermosiphon Solar Geyser

A little 100L GAP Thermosiphon system was our first full Solar Geyser system installation.

GAP 100L Phermosiphon Water Heater

The flat roof stand was custom made by Helderberg Solar Energy. A humble beginning but one we are proud of.

2.4m Solar Panel Pump System

A 2.4m Solar Heater Flat Panel was installed at the same client as a Pump System on a 150L geyser. A 12V Solar powered pump was installed. This stand was also custom made by us.

2.4m Solar Panel Pump System

There is no doubt that Helderberg Solar Energy will keep a close eye on these installations due to their special place in our gallery.


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